Uplift Handling - History



UPLIFT HANDLING commenced business in July 1999 to fill a growing need in all sectors of Industry. We provide a one-stop shop providing simple attachments to use with Forklifts. Since that time many other products are now offered, as the information under Products shows. The owner has been in the Materials Handling, Forklift and Storage / Racking Industries for over forty five (45) years. More than ever there is an awareness of Worker Safety, and the need to eliminate workplace injuries. In particular this relates to soft tissue injuries such as back strains caused by lifting and loading. As a consequence a whole range of slip-on attachments are available through Uplift Handling, enabling Forklift Owners and Users to eliminate these injuries.

In 1999 we represented one Manufacturer. Now we represent several different Manufacturers, all located in Australia. Every attachment and product is made to meet the Australian Standard. As such, they are recognized for use in Industry by Work Cover / Work Safe. In addition, we also represent other suppliers of Lifting Equipment, many of whom import products. These products also comply to the Australian Standard. Uplift Handling also offers a special service to Customers. We undertake the design and manufacturing of Special Purpose Attachments. We have designed and made Forklift Roof Tile Lifters, Forklift Goods Trays, Goods Cages, Vertical Reel Lifters and Forklift Jib Attachments.

Our big sellers are Forklift Work Platforms (Man Cages), Container Ramps as well as Fork Spreaders, Pallet Trucks, Scissor Trolleys, Tyne Hooks and Jib Cranes - a very economical way to extend the use of your Forklift Truck as a small Mobile Crane.

In recent times we have seen an increase in our special Attachment Inspection and Compliance Service. Many Forklift Owners and Operators over the years have acquired many types of Attachments they regularly use with the Forklift. Modern Regulations allow for this, so long as the attachment has a Compliance and Rating Plate. Where this has been lost or possibly never existed, Uplift Handling uses the Services of an Engineer to Inspect, Certify and provide a Rating Plate. Sometimes a small amount of remedial work is needed for the Attachment to Comply. We can do this work, or the client can do it 'in house' or have it done by a 'third party'. Once completed, the Rating Plate and Compliance Document is provided.

This Website allows you to widen your horizon, get greater use of your Forklift Truck(s) and enhance Worker safety. Greater details, full specifications and all prices (except those shown on the Specials Sheet) - are available by contacting Uplift Handling, by phone fax or email - links for emails are on every Product page.

Uplift Handling is pleased to include many Companies on its' Customer List. Some are large and well known, others family owned. Why not join with Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific, Metro Trains, Atco, Bridgestone, Qantas, Dunlop Foams, Boral, C S R, Metropolitan Tree Growers, Radio Frequency Systems, Dreyfus, Exel and G B Galvanizing Service, as well as Canterbury Spinners in New Zealand. These and so many others from a diverse range of industries are amongst our list of Customers. We welcome all enquiries; even if you cannot locate the product you need on these pages. In addition every page has a link to make any enquiry by email easy.  

We respond to all faxed and emailed enquiries where possible, later the same working day - or the next morning at the latest. Equally try the telephone (03 9762 1427) - but we advise there are times when the office is unattended - but we reply to all messages, where possible the same working day - or the next morning at the latest.

These pages are not a definitive list of all the products and services we provide. Sometimes you may not have difficulty reading some specification data information clearly - please email the office and we will email you further details and the Specification Data Sheet. In addition, if your needs are not covered, it is still worth an email with your enquiry.  Just click on contact in the box below to email us.